Carmelo Anthony on NBA restart: “Your body and your mind feel fresh”


Carmelo Anthony fans were wondering if he would keep his weekly livestream show ‘What’s In Your Glass’ going once he entered the Orlando Bubble to restart the 2019-20 season.

Good news: Melo is still bringing us his YouTube show once a week.

In the latest ‘What’s In Your Glass,’ comedian and actor Mike Epps joined Melo to talk basketball, movies, the state of the world, how basketball has evolved, and how Melo has returned to play feeling good.

Epps is just like the rest of us: 

He wanted to know what the vibe has been like in the Orlando Bubble.

“We can’t call it a bubble no more, it’s a campus,” Melo joked.

It’s like a Summer League… It’s like a big ass AAU tournament down here. It’s like an upscale AAU tournament down here. But, it’s good because everybody – all the players is all on one campus. Even though we can’t go to other hotels at the moment, but we making it due. The first couple of days was tough because we had to quarantine… But now you practicing, you playing, you’re going through the day-to-day grind. — Trail Blazers veteran Carmelo Anthony on what it’s like in the Orlando Bubble

Epps has made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian, an actor, film producer, writer, and rapper. He is best known for playing Day-Day Jones in the movie ‘Next Friday’ as well as ‘Friday After Next.’

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But, Epps was impressed with Melo’s current physique. He gave props to the 36-year-old for keeping his body right, saying that he looked like the ball player from his college days at Syracuse and added with a big smile on his face, “You’ve been doing something right, boy. You’ve been drinking your water.”  

“I’ve got my water and my vino, that’s all I need,” Melo replied as the two shared a good laugh.

Anthony mentioned that having a four-month layoff due to the global pandemic actually has him feeling a certain way:

Your body feels fresh. Your body and your mind feel fresh. Other than that everything else is – it is what it is… As long as you keep working and doing what you’re doing, just sharpening your craft, you’ve got to keep your mind and your body right at the end of the day. — Carmelo Anthony  

Over his 17-year career, Melo has obviously done just that. And, he’s also seen the NBA game change.

It was fun to hear him take a trip down memory lane.

“I’ve seen the game change three times since I came into the league… You talk about the early 2000s when it was heavy big men in the game. It was every play down the court you’re throwing it into Shaq [O’Neal], you’re throwing it into [Kevin] Garnett. You’re throwing it in. You’re playing out of those guys… Then it went to they had the guards at one point – it was very guard heavy and then it was wing heavy. When I came in it was very wing heavy… So then after that the game changed. Once Golden State, and I’m talking about Golden State with [Baron Davis] and those guys, they changed the game because they started going small. They put five guards out there on the court. Teams didn’t know what to do with that s*** back in the day… Now the game is super athletic, super fast, the pace is out of this world. So if you don’t reinvent yourself to be consistent in today’s game, your ass is gonna be out of here.”

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Melo added that he couldn’t play the power forward position back in the Karl Malone days.

The two also discussed the uncomfortable conversations and how to play a role in the current social justice movements as well as the fight against police brutality.    

Epps mentioned he has had several conversations with fellow actor Jamie Foxx about working together on a new project, but Epps has grand plans for a new movie.

This is our time as black people. This is our time to come together and do something incredible. I would love to work with all of the guys from Kev Williams to Kevin Hart to Chris Tucker, Ice Cube – I think we should all come together and do a big movie together. — Comedian and Actor Mike Epps

We will be on the look out for this star-studded movie! 

Epps and Melo also shared their message to the younger generations, ending this week’s episode on a positive note. 

Listen to the full episode on ‘What’s In Your Glass’ right here.

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